Wedding de-stash

Over the past year and a half, I scoured estate sales, flea markets, and vintage shops to find the perfect pieces for our wedding. It was so much fun, but the wedding has come and gone (a million posts on that soon!) and it’s time to de-stash and clear out the extra bedroom we’ve been storing it all in.

We’ll be having a flash sale at our home this Saturday morning (September 20th) from 9-11am. The address (north-side of Indianapolis) will be posted on Craigslist Friday evening. Search “Accountingthedays Barn Wedding Sale” to find the post.

If you see something (or lots of things) you must have, you can pre-pay via PayPal. Just email me ( and let me know what you want. I’ll send a PayPal invoice and once that’s paid, your purchase will be reserved and waiting for you to pick up.

(This isn’t even everything!)

ruffled blog painted screen

My mom handpainted almost this exact screen backdrop. We don’t have pictures of ours yet (this one is from the Ruffled Blog), but it looks spot on. $200

8 Clear Glasses

8 glass cups (perfect for bridal party brunches!), $10 for set

brown glass cups2

4 brown glass cups, $5 for set

bride sign

{SOLD} For the Love of Letters “Bride” sign with holes to string, $7

groom sign

{SOLD} For the Love of Letters “Groom” sign with holes to string, $7

seating sign

{SOLD} For the Love of Letters seating sign, $13

Salt and pepper shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers, $2-$10


{SOLD} Chalkboard signs, $10 small, $13 large

china plates

Over 100 large mismatched china dinner plates, $1-3 ea.
Over 100 small mismatched china dessert plates, $0.50-$2 ea.

beer tap handle

Beer tap pull, $10 (N easily comes off)


Chippy metal coils (perfect for holding votives, teacups or succulents), $5 ea.

Champagne Bucket

{SOLD} Champagne ice bucket, $25

Decorative metal cups

6 decorative metal cups (could be used for floating candles or succulents), $10

gold lanterns

2 unopened packages of 6 gold paper lanterns (12 total), $5 per package


6 gold paint-dipped vases (perfect for holding bouquets or centerpieces), $3 ea.

Shallow bowl on pedestal2

Shallow metal bowl, $5

small bottles

Small glass bottles (great bud vases), $1-3 ea.


Pitcher #1, $25


Pitcher #2, $20


Pitcher #3, $25


Pitcher #4, $20


Pitcher #5, $25


Pitcher #6, $30


Pitcher #7, $20


Pitcher #8, $25

120 round linen

(14) 120″ round navy polyester linens, $120 for set

60 x 102 linen

(2) 60″x102″ rectangular navy blue polyester linens, $5 ea.
(1) 90″x156″ rectangular navy blue polyester linen, $10


(100) 17″ navy blue polyester linen napkins, $50 for set

wedding sign 1

Handpainted wedding sign #1, $5

wedding sign 2

{SOLD} Handpainted wedding sign #2 with pole, $7

wedding sign 3

Handpainted wedding sign #3 with pole (split at the top, not visible from a distance), $5

metal topped votives - 9

{SOLD} (9) Metal rimmed votive candle holders with 6-hr candles, $15 for set

votives7 votives6 votives5 votives4 votives3 votives2 votives1

Silver-mirrored mixed votives with candles, $1ea.

My Valentine’s gift from 2013

farm table diyLast year, Valentine’s day 2013, James said that my present was going to be a reclaimed barn wood table. I immediately went to Pinterest and started scouring beautiful images of barn wood tables.

barn wood table reclaimedWe used our day off on President’s Day to drive out to meet with a guy who tears down old barns and brings the barn wood back to his place and sells it by foot. We bought more than enough wood and stored it in the garage, until it warmed up.

eucalyptus in vaseOver the next several months, James spent evenings after work taking out the nails from the wood, planing the wood, and cutting and carving it to make the table. When he was done building it (the hard part), I sanded it, shellacked it, and put a wax coating on it.

After the finishing touches were put on it, I was so excited to move it into the house and still love looking at it. We used some Target store credit and bought some chairs that were on sale for the holidays. I couldn’t be more in love with how everything turned out!

$5.99 flowers, vintage and reclaimed

trader joe's flower arrangement

First, I would like to introduce you to our beautiful, handmade reclaimed barn wood table that’s now in our dining room. As a Valentine’s day gift, James took me to see a guy who was selling reclaimed barn wood. We loaded up the truck we borrowed, and since then, the table has slowly but surely come to life in our garage.  James did all the hard work of cutting the wood, hand planing it, and figuring out how to put it all together. I was around for emotional support and shellac-ing at the end.  More pics to come once our Tar-jay tufted grey chairs arrive. I.Can’t.Wait.

Yesterday, after finishing some errands, I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for some flowers. Their fall flowers are definitely my favorites of the year..and for $5.99 you can’t beat it.  I went up to my wedding “war room” of things I’m collecting for decor and grabbed the beautiful pitcher I bought at the new Boomerang BTQ on Mass Ave for the flowers. I’m in love.

fall, pumpkins, barns, etc.

Happy Friday! Here are a few pretty pictures from my week.

painting pumpkins

Last week was my little sister’s birthday and her request – to have a fancy lunch out and do some painting with me. We started her special day with a fun lunch at the Blu Moon Cafe in Carmel where we all got tasty sandwiches and Jenn and I got some fresh lemonade. Afterwards, we picked up some pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and got started painting. Hers is the blue one with the gold stem. I love it!

upcycled interiors, metal upholstered chair

This morning I took a little trip with a homemade cup of pumpkin spice coffee and drove through pretty Indiana cornfields until I arrived at my destination: the ReStyled Barn Sale. I missed it last year, so when I found out the dates it would be, I put it on my calendar so I wouldn’t miss it this time around.

upholstered table

Every single vendor had a gorgeous display of pretty things. One of my favorites belongs to Missy Haxton of UpCycled Interiors. L.O.V.E. the upholstered table. So unique!

vintage wedding decor

Here are the goodies I found at the sale. I grabbed a couple beautifully patina-ed tea pots that may make some pretty fancy wedding centerpieces ;) On my way home, I stopped at Trader Joe’s so I could grab some cheap/pretty flowers and play around with them. I also found some more pretty plates for the wedding dishes. I have enough, but I couldn’t pass these up!  I bought two wooden cheese boxes that I may incorporate into some wedding decor. I love cheese and I love the vintage prettyness of them. So, I had to have them! Last item – the pom pom fabric. It’s actually an old window treatment with a few rough spots. I’m not sure whether I’ll just use the pom pom trim, or try and sew up the tattered areas. Either way, I couldn’t pass up the pom poms!

Fall = pumpkin

mini pumpkin pie recipeYesterday, I had a little bit of pumpkin overload. I made pumpkin spice syrup and mini pumpkin pies for a college football tailgate we went to.

As much as I love the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, I don’t love shelling out $5+ for them, so I decided to make my own syrup. I used this recipe and it turned out great! I brewed a strong cup of coffee with my french press, then added some warm, frothed milk and a couple tablespoons of the syrup. Once that was mixed together, I had to add some (a lot) of whipped cream – to make it pretty.

After I got that going, I used the rest of the canned pumpkin puree and made mini pumpkin pies for the tailgate.  I used Bakerella’s recipe and Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust. All 24 are gone, so I’d say it was a success!

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