Switchin it up

Well, I’ve been a little MIA.  I worked almost 60 hrs this week and I know it won’t get any better from here on out. Since I really don’t have time to leave work to weigh in on Saturdays and work too late during the week to go to any of those meetings, I’ve decided to switch my WW subscription to online only and weigh myself at home. I’ll still post the results on here like usual.  Once busy season is over I’ll be switching back to meetings because I think they are really a big part of the difference doing WW this time around.

I didn’t weigh in this week. I’ve eaten way too much and drank way too much this weekend and I’m a little scared of what the scale is going to tell me Tuesday when I weigh in for the Biggest Winner.

January is almost over, and my weight hasn’t budged. I’m not happy about this at all considering I’ve been doing “The Biggest Winner” for the past 3 weeks. I know what I’ve got to do, and that is to track all my food and drink less. I feel like a broken record, but it’s what I’ve gotta do.

Now that’s out of the way, I had a great weekend! After work yesterday, I went with some friends to a beer tasting event in Indy. There we a lot of beers that I didn’t like, but most of the light-colored beers weren’t bad. It finished at 7pm and I was exhausted and was trying not to fall asleep. Fail.


Today I made whole wheat chocolate chip banana muffins (4 WW pts+).  My roommate last year made the most amazing muffins and I was craving them. I shared a finished one with my mom and we decided they were delish. When I put the recipe in the WW recipe builder that tells you how much points per serving your recipe is, I realized I forgot to add the eggs! Somehow the muffins held together and I guess they are fine without the eggs. The muffins ended up being 4 pts per muffin and have a great disbursement of mini chocolate chips  throughout.

I told my friend who just found out she may have celiac disease that I wouldn’t post any more recipes she couldn’t eat. While I may not be able to hold true to that, it did make me curious if I could make some delicious gluten-free food. I forgot to look up some recipes before I went out to run my errands, but I’m going to find a recipe to make next weekend.  I did find a recipe for gluten free whole-grain muffins that you could add mashed bananas and Hershey’s chocolate chips (gluten free) to.

IU just lost to Michigan State by 1 pt in OT, and it’s time for me to go to bed. Boo

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